Best displayed in groups, PhotoBlocks a great way to display loads of pictures on your wall. Whether your image comes from your fancy camera or taken from your Facebook or Instagram account, PhotoBlocks will liven up any room with their fresh look and feel.

Your image will be cropped into either 150mm squares or 300mm squares. The image is printed onto a high quality photo paper and then coated with a matt lamination. From there, it’s mounted to a 18mm thick shutterply wooden block and comes ready to hang with a durable Velcro strip at the back, making it easy to position and reposition on the wall.


150mm x 150mm R 90
300mm x x300mm R 260

The smaller PhotoBlocks are ideal for low resolution Instagram photos. The bigger size is great for any higher resolution photos that you take with your camera or high-end smartphone.


Choosing your colours

This can be done at no additional charge. When placing your order simply select the appropriate “Colour Process” option.

pic-colour  pic-black-white  pic-sepia


Position and easily swap around your PhotoBlocks with Velcro wall mounting.

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