What surface can I apply my decals to?

PrintWallArt wall decals are suitable for almost all flat smooth surfaces that are clean and dry. Examples include, walls, ceilings, floors, windows, mirrors, glass, plastic surfaces and hard furniture.

Are they easy to apply?

All decals are provided with step by step instructions. There is usually three layers of the decal – The sticky transfer tape (a film that aides in application), the decal itself, and the white backing paper. Put simply, its ‘Prepare’, ‘Peel’ and ‘Stick’. You can view our installation instructions here

Important note: when deciding where to place your wall decals, PrintWallArt recommends placing them out of reach from your baby’s cot, or where your child will be able to reach. If your child is able to remove the wall decal from the wall, this has potential to become a choking hazard.  Also, removal of your wall decals must be done SLOWLY, so as to not damage your wall surface; children rarely remove with care! So to avoid the risk of choking and damage to your walls please place decals out of reach.

Are the decals suitable for all surface types?

All decals require a clean, dry and smooth surface and will not adhere to highly textured surfaces, therefore are not recommended for textured wallpapers, stucco, concrete etc. Some decals may not adhere to some gloss or semi-gloss paints, wash and wear, teflon or silcone based paints. The decals can be applied to paper based surfaces ie: wall paper. however, these are un-likely to come off without damage to the wall surface.

What will the background colour of the decal be?

At PrintWallArt our decals are cut-out vinyl, so there is no back ground colour. The back ground colour will be the colour of your wall.

How do I remove the decal and will it damage my wall?

The easiest way is just to “pick and peel” the vinyl off of the wall. However we highly recommend using a hairdryer to loosen the adhesive first, to avoid any possible damage to the wall. All wall decals are made from quality removable vinyl, and should not damage or leave residue on your walls. When removing if done correctly.

Can I apply to recently painted walls?

It is recommended to wait at least 4-6 weeks after painting, before applying decals to the wall to allow the paint to cure. We do not recommend the use of wall decals if an undercoat has not been used prior to the application of paint. Also walls should have been painted according to manufacturer’s instructions with two full (non-watered down) coats of paint. If wall decals are applied to the walls without an undercoat or not correctly painted the risk of damage is higher as the paint will not have bonded properly to the wall and therefore on removal damage can occur.

Are they reuseable?

Yes and no, providing the surface is smooth, clean and dry, you should be able to apply, remove and reapply your decals a number of times. This may be dependent on the surface used, environmental factors, such as heat, light and moisture, and how long it has been attached to the wall, as well as the design and size of the decal. ie: delicate designs  or decals with a lot of pieces will be difficult to remove without damage to the decal.

Are they waterproof?

Yes, PrintWallArt decals are waterproof and are suitable for both indoor and outdoor use. They can stand the humidity of the bathroom, but the walls need to be perfectly dry before application.

Where are they made?

All PrintWallArt decals are proudly manufactured in South Africa.

Why won’t my wall decals stick?

There can be many reasons why wall decals won’t stay put. Although this is a rare occurrence we are unable to guarantee that the wall decals you purchase will adhere to your walls. Here are some of the known causes for the wall decals not sticking:

  • Wall preparation – the wall has not been properly cleaned or dried before applying the decal. We advise you to only using mild detergent such as dishwashing liquid; household/general purpose cleaners are not recommended.
  • Wall surface – our decals will not adhere to cloth, stucco, brick, concrete, cement render or similar uneven surfaces including some wall papers. These surfaces unfortunately do not have a sufficient smooth surface area for the decal to adhere to.
  • Over handling – preparation, preparation, preparation, that is the key when applying your new decal. Each time you remove it from the wall or handle the adhesive, you could be reducing the effectiveness of the adhesive.
  • Newly painted – you need to allow for 4-6 weeks after painting before applying your decal.
  • Paint choice – Wash and wear, Teflon and silicone based paints are designed for easy cleaning and to repel anything from sticking to them (like sticky fingers). Unfortunately this means that some of them will also repel your wall decals. However, we have found that with a little bit more persistence, this problem can in most cases be over-come. Simply apply more pressure more often to the decal once you have applied it to the wall. Rub over the decal each day for the first week or so. We cannot guarantee this will work for all paint types as we have no control over site conditions and paint quality.
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